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Ovarian Cancer

We are excited to partner with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance this year in celebration of my 20th year thriving post ovarian cancer diagnosis at age 23! This year $1.00 from every pacific blue and sea green planner this year (that include the extra teal page marking ribbon) sold will go to OCRA! My hope is that the money raised through this partnership will help support research leading to more effective diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer and maybe someday even a cure.

Ovarian Cancer is one of the deadliest cancers for women and is the #1 cause of gynecological cancer deaths. 1 in 78 women will develop ovarian cancer in her lifetime. The most frequent symptoms of Ovarian Cancer include: Bloating, unusual fatigue, pelvic/abdominal pain; urinary frequency and difficulty eating or feeling full quickly. Other symptoms may include: Constipation or diarrhea; nausea, indigestion or gas; abnormal vaginal bleeding, unexplained weight loss/gain; shortness of breath, low back pain. Out of those symptoms I only had 2 – I was really tired and I had severe, sharp abdominal pain that would only last for a few minutes before dissipating.

Only 15% of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed in the early stages of symptoms. When not detected early the 10 year survival rate for ovarian cancer is less than 35%.

The real gift of my cancer diagnosis was being forced to face my own mortality at such a young age. My cancer experience made it possible for me to understand with life-changing clarity what matters most in my life – Family, Adventure, Health & Community. Life is short, go after your goals & dreams today not tomorrow.

Please take the time to learn more about Ovarian Cancer below or visit https://ocrahope.org/.




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