2025 Planners Coming Soon

This year's Commit30 2025 Planner Limited Edition Artwork Cover is BIRDS OF PEACE.

2025 Planners from Commit30

As I was considering the 2025 planner cover design from Commit30, all I could think about was PEACE. Peace in our hearts; peace in our homes; peace in the world. Birds typically symbolize freedom, hope, new beginnings, strength, love, and joy and the dove - peace and love. They also symbolize prosperity, peace, and joy. All things I wish for you and the world this coming year. 

I hope you all love the new 2025 Planner cover as much as I do and I hope it serves as a daily reminder to move peacefully, lightly and lovingly throughout your days. 

To find peace and contentment whenever and wherever we can. 

To continue to advocate for world peace. 

To continue to build homes, schools and communities that foster peace & love. 

And to hold peace and kindness in our hearts for one another.

2025 Planners are on Sale July 22nd at www.commit30.com



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