Free Annual Planning Lists & Printables

This year I created some free downloads to help with the annual task lists (home, life, etc.) that we need to do year after year. I print these out to fit in the back notes pages of my Commit30 Planner. 

planner printables for every day tasks

Some of these may include:

  • Birthday/Anniversaries
  • Doctors, Dentist, Optometrists, Annual Mammograms, Sports Physicals; etc.  Appointments
  • Veterinary and grooming appointments and kennel reservations
  • Auto servicing appointments
  • Home cleaning (spring & fall) and servicing appointments (eg. window cleaning).
  • Household maintenance tasks (checking filters, fire alarm batteries; winterizing tasks; etc.)
  • Landscaping tasks 
  • Financial tasks and due dates - auto/homeowners insurance; health insurance; etc.
  • Sports registration dates; summer camp plans; school registration deadlines; back to school shopping; etc.
  • Vacation/spring break travel plans


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