New Year Planning Tips!


I think there is something powerful in waking up at the beginning of the new year ready to take on new challenges, kick bad habits, or commit to a new goal and I love having an entire month to celebrate new beginnings & fresh starts!

I wish I could chat with each & everyone of you about your goals & dreams for the New Year but since that’s not feasible here are some tips to help you make this our best year ever! We’ve also just launched a private Facebook group for Commit30 Goal-Getters – you can join here.

Step 1: Create a vision board. This can be on a huge piece of poster board or in the front of your planner. Print out or cut out pictures that inspire you and what you want to do this year. Keep it where you can see it!

Step 2: Fill out your vision pages in the planner. What areas do you want to spend more time & energy on this year? What adventures do you want to have? What self-care ideas do you want to implement? What do you want to learn this year? How will you grow closer to your spouse or partner this year? Where do you want your business to be by the end of next year? You’ll then set some specific goals you have in each of these areas (eg. pay off $16K in debt); attend church 3x a month; mediate 5x a week) and incorporate those into your monthly, weekly & daily goals.

Step 3: Evaluate. What do you want More of & Less of this year? Keep this in mind as you say yes & no to things each week and as you plan your daily routines. Download this free worksheet here.

Step 4: Plan. Now begin planning out your year – write down special events, birthdays & trips. Plan micro-adventures each month and daily self-care. Plan out your meals and your exercise plans. Block out specific chucks of time for work productivity & keep on task. Incorporate your big picture goals from the vision pages into your monthly plans. Maybe plan a #nospendmonth 30-day challenge if you are trying to pay off debt; or plan to workout for 30 days in a row if you are trying to jumpstart some fitness goals. Along these same lines, look at things you can eliminate from your weekly to do lists that aren’t serving you any longer.
Write it down. Get specific. And get to work.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy & adventurous year ahead! Remember, small steps = big results! Share your progress on instagram using #commit30 or in our Facebook group!



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