Take the Commit30 Planner for a test drive!

Print a Sample Month

We want you to test drive how the planner can help you achieve your goals. One month of the our weekly day planner is available below as a downloadable PDF. Give the planner a test drive. We hope you like it. If so, please consider ordering a Commit30 Planner today.

Preview of our Weekly Day Planner:

Not sure what size is best for you? Compare sizes and layouts of each of our Planners & Journals. Print this Size & Layout Comparison PDF.

Details on the 2020 Planner Here

Digital Planner Sample

Commit30 Digital Planner

Try our sample digital planner prior to purchase here:

Download Instructions
  1. First, Get the GoodNotes5 App for iPad – Click Here
  2. How to Import the Digital Sample Planner into GoodNotes 5:
      • Using your iPad, Open Safari and download the zip file below.
      • Downloading the zip file will save to your iCloud Drive Downloads Folder.
      • Open GoodNotes5:
        • From GoodNotes “Documents” Add New Folder by tapping “+” icon -> Select “Import” -> Select the Downloaded Zip File from the iCloud Downloads Folder.
        • This will import the planner into GoodNotes for use.
      • FYI, to click on the planner tabs you need to be in “read” mode. Toggle the pen icon on/off to switch between read and write mode.
  3. Please Note: The sample planner is undated, so you can start at any time by writing in the dates, to test out a month. Our full version planners are dated.
  4. Other ways to import to GoodNotes  Click Here.

Details on the Digital Planner Here

Featured March 30 for 30 Challenge:

Download: PDF or PNG

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