My Digital Detox

My Digital Detox

I feel like we are slowly coming out of the woods (literally and figuratively) and making the time to focus on staying healthy and happy and taking care of ourselves and one another.

I basically forced myself to slow down, to ruthlessly edit (my stuff & obligations) and to take really good care of myself for the entire month of February. One of the ways I decided to take better care of myself was to take most of the month of February off of social media and focus on self care and my family. It wasn’t really a sabbatical because I still had to do work – but I greatly decreased the amount of stuff on my plate this month. And I did have to hop on to social media a few times (to find/share a gofund me link, to respond to an inquiry in our FB goal-getters group and to share a few important posts about helping those in Texas and Black History Month) but my screen time was down by over 85% this month. Not being on social media for hours a day (for both work or pleasure or just doom scrolling) allowed me to:

Read 4 books. One of my favorites was The Guest List.

Dove into Black History Month learning with the kids.

We went sledding, skiing & adventuring to new places.

Watched a few great movies with the family. Penguin Bloom & The Peanut Butter Falcon were family favorites and I loved The Guernsey Literary Society.

We baked cakes for the Super Bowl and for no good reason at all except for the fact that it sounded like a good idea.

I started to catch up on the kids journals and started organizing our photos way more than they have been. Still a long way to go.

I meditated, practiced yoga & walked almost everyday.

I had one on one date days with the kids and hubby.

I finally followed up with the orthopedic surgeon about some of my foot problems and decided to have surgery later this year to try to fix it (after summer fun).

We are also this spring gearing up to fix up and sell our rental property and to finish building our new storage barn at our house and made plans & budgets for how to make those projects happen.

And I slept. So much sleep. I literally went to be before 9:00pm every night (some nights by 8:00 – well before the kids). Bless. This tired mama needed it.

I highly recommend planning for a month off of social media or at a very minimum sticking to your screen time limits on a daily basis. We could all use a break from the noise and non-stop chatter to take care of ourselves, our families & our projects.

Eyes up, phones down, hearts open.



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