End of the Year Review

End of the Year Review

At the end of the year I like to take a day or part of a weekend and do a year in review and set up my planner for the new year. I like to review my previous year month by month – key events, trips, celebrations, lessons, challenges etc. We also do this from a financial and business perspective as well – income/expenses/house projects/charitable contributions, planner sales, data base, social media engagement and screen time (oh my).

End of year planner review

I like to look at what went well and what didn’t. What were some of the key lessons learned – for me they were – health is everything; financial security is a must and bigger isn’t always better.

Don’t discount the beautiful & hard things that made you stronger this year. As a family we like to fill out our Top 10 of the year highlights (available as a free download here). It’s so important to pause, recognize & celebrate your accomplishments the previous year before moving onto the next. What are you most proud of? What were some of your favorite moments or memories? What results did you achieve?

Once we’ve reviewed achievements, lessons, etc. we can look towards the new year. What do you want to do differently this coming year? We’ve got just one life – ask yourself – are you spending it on what matters most? This is the key question that I ask myself as I begin setting the right goals for the upcoming year.

A few of the good things that happened to us this past year:

Our marriage and friendship, not only remains intact, but thriving.

Our children are funny, kind, awesome kids that have handled this past year of homeschooling & remote schooling with grit & grace.

We made initial progress on a big retirement goal of ours.

What were some of the good things that happened to you this past year?



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