Dry January 30 day Challenge

Dry January 30 day Challenge

I don’t know about all of you but my alcohol consumption up-ticked over the past two years. I know how good I feel and how well I sleep when I don’t consume alcohol so I’m going to do a January No Alcohol Challenge to remind myself of this (I actually started on December 17th and plan to go thru all of January). You can download the free challenge here from our website if you’d like to join me!

Pre-Covid I did a 30 day no alcohol challenge that turned into 8 months without any alcohol. I felt great. I slept great. I lost weight. But then March 2020 hit and I started drinking again – not every night, not even every other night but probably 3-5 alcoholic beverages a week. It certainly is a tool I’ve used to wind down or de-stress and I’d say I’m very much a social drinker (the majority of our family & friends drink alcohol).

So in lieu of having a glass of wine in the evening, I’ve been working on reading or meditating or writing in my gratitude journal to help me wind down and de-stress and having a cup of tea. And I’ve been bringing mocktail options to get togethers the past few weeks.

One of the non-alcoholic drinks I’ve been making is cranberry-orange sparkling water (cranberry sparkling water with orange slices & fresh cranberries in it). I’ve also been drinking a ton of warm tea – I got an electric tea kettle that is always on my countertop ready to go! I also just bought some Betty Buzz to add a splash of flavor to sparkling water. Be sure to check out a few sober instagram accounts I like too… @ritualthirst & @jenleehirst. What are some of your favorite mocktail recipes?


Dry January 30 day Challenge





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