Crush Your Financial Goals

This fall consider joining me in our Spending Hiatus Challenge – 30 days of not buying any non-necessities. You pick the rules & categories and stick with it for 30 days. For me this means no new clothes, shoes, accessories or decor items. (There are some house project items I’m needing that are on a separate budget list that I’m on the hunt for). I’m also going to do my best to use up some of the food we have in our freezer and pantry this coming month as well. The important thing is to refrain from spending and to track all of your expenses for 30 days – everything. This is how you start to crush your financial goals!

You may be discouraged by how much debt you have or you may feel you aren’t on track with retirement savings – but what’s important is that you are doing things, making choices, taking daily action to build long term financial freedom and security. It’s not easy but its worth it. Learn how to live within your budget and means and be in control of your money. Doing this allows you to design and live the life you want. Instead of spending your money on new shoes, throw pillows & stuff at Target on a weekly basis, stick with your spending plan and save for experiences and things that are important to you living your rich life and your future.

Each time you open your wallet – ask if what you’re spending money on is going to help you reach your goals and your big picture vision? It’s so easy to buy stuff online with a few clicks of a button. This month – if you want to buy something – consider waiting. In 30 days do you still want that item?

Crush Your Financial Goals

Also consider how much use you will get out of something you buy. Consider how often you’ll use it. I use my Commit30 planner numerous times a day. This means that for me a $40 planner is 100% worth it. That comes out to about $0.01/day. That to me is a no brainer. It helps keep me on track with my tasks, goals, etc. Consider however a fancy pair of shoes that you want to buy for one special occasion. $300 divided by 1. $300 for one night. That might not fit in your spending plan or your families financial goals (for inspiration check out this families around the world travel adventure after living simply and saving for years and years).

Tracking your spending and reviewing your budget daily for 30 days is very eye-opening. I highly recommend doing it at least once a year if not quarterly. If you need help getting started be sure to check out our Money Journal here.

For more finance information check out this book – I give this book to everyone!

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