Winter Solstice Traditions

The winter solstice is right around the corner. We always plan to spend some time outside on the winter solstice – some years we go snowshoeing by headlamp, other times its s’mores by the fire with friends or a special candlelit dinner. The solstices provide an opportunity for powerful energy for renewal and self-reflection (here are some free end of year review tools).

Winter Solstice Traditions

The winter solstice marks the darkest day of the year and the beginning of the cycle moving back towards the light. It is a wonderful time to release what is no longer serving us so we can step into the next version of ourselves. This involves letting go of things and making changes, shifts and PLANS in order to show up for our future.

A day of healthy, warm and nourishing meals or a day of some home decluttering is a good way to take care of ourselves on the darkest day of the year and get ready for moving into the next season.

Here is some wonderful information on how indigenous people honor the day. I also love the fun winter solstice traditions that Swedes partake in (especially the mulled wine and dinner with friends).



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