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One of the questions I get asked the most – is what Commit30 planner & accessories am I using right now? You can test our our planners & a size comparison PDF here and flip thru all of the products on the individual product pages.

This year, I’m planning on using the Red Commit30 planner with rainbow tabs (I typically gravitate to black, blue or grey) but felt the need for something more cheerful heading into the new year.

I also love the sticker books as a way to brighten up my weekly tasks & to dos and love the checkmark stickers for marking off my 30 day challenges. I use the paperclips to create easy flip thru sections to current month and current week. I use the fitness journal for meal planning & workout tracking and overall health & wellness goals. I also LOVE our newest product the JOY & Gratitude Journal (I keep this by my bed and fill it out first thing &/or at the end of the day) and I have several of our dot gridded Rockit notebooks stashed around everywhere for notes & inspiration (in my bag, on my desk, and by my meditation area).

And don’t forget to checkout our kids biz – Samitizer Hand SanitizerSpead joy, not germs! The gift pack makes a great holiday gift for everyone who wants to avoid covid! I have the Samitizer bottles in all of our cars and bags & by our front door! Its a light citrus scent and not sticky or messy!

Whatever goal-getting tool you choose, remember its about how YOU use it to accomplish what matters most to you. It’s about how you commit and re-commit again and again to working on your goals! Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead and a strong finish to this wild year!



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