Q4 Goal Review Tips...

Vision board and goal reviewIt’s almost the last quarter of the year friends! And while many of us are excited to dive into our new year goals, first its important to finish the year strong and with momentum going into the new year.

First, set aside an hour or so to look at your vision board and review your vision circles and goals for the year. Ask yourself what have you made progress on so far this year? What big or small shifts, positive habits, 30 day challenges have you conquered? And it’s okay if you haven’t reached all of them. Don’t beat yourself up – instead consider why you haven’t reached some of your goals? Did something else require your time and energy? Or have you been unfocused and distracted? What have been your obstacles and how can you overcome them in the last 90 days of the year?

Next, get clear on what goals or projects you will complete in the next 90 days – what time, action steps, effort, energy & support will it take to get you there? Re-commit to your goals – not all of them – just the ones that are crucial for your overall success this year. Make a plan and get laser focused. Let’s Go!



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