Planners in Africa!


We’re excited to be a supporter of Impact Hub Accra in Ghana by providing their entrepreneurs with Commit30 planners (that are on their way to Ghana as I type). They are a health innovation program that aims to bring together those from the health, design, engineering, and entrepreneurship fields (and more) to create a strong health ecosystem, throughout Ghana and the full African continent. One of my goals is to go there and lead them in a goal-setting workshop!

Here are a few of the amazing projects they are working on right now:

Crowdfrica – a crowdfunding platform focused on the African continent that helps raise funding for medical equipment, medical procedures, and education opportunities.

Peach Technologies – an electronic health record system (pictured)

dYnaMix – a new concept for a reproductive health delivery system, allowing people to order contraceptive products for delivery on-demand.

Zurak Cancer Foundation – focused on cancer screening in low-income communities, with a current focus on screening for breast and cervical cancer, and connecting women in need to care. This is a cause near & dear to me obviously as an ovarian cancer survivor and the immense need for all people to have access to early screening & treatment.

Keep up the great work Impact Hub Accra!



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