My Vision Board

One of the things I love to do with my Commit30 planner is to create a vision board on the front inside cover – this is a great reminder to keep my goals & vision in my face everyday! I like to cut out pictures of places, things, experiences, adventures I want to have – things that bring me joy & inspiration. I like to collect these images and quotes throughout the year from magazines & catalogs and stash them in a file. But if you don’t have many of those around check out this and this – these vision board books have some great images & quotes to use.

my vision board

Some years I spend a quiet afternoon at my dining room table working on it solo – other years, I love to get together with a few girlfriends and work on our vision boards & annual goal-setting together.

As with anything, I think it helps to keep in mind that a vision board is a work in progress, a tool to adapt and add to throughout the year. Remember, a powerful vision is when we combine our dreams with a set of clear goals and action steps. Tag your vision boards on instagram using #commit30 so I can see them! 

Build your own vision board.





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