Founders Favorites - October Edition


Thinking about gearing up for this 30 day challenge soon. I haven’t been working out much due to a shoulder injury and need to gain some strength back. Gotta start somewhere.

Using up food that has been in our freezer & pantry for far too long. Been using our new, free inventory download to meal plan.

Speaking of free downloads we have a new Thanksgiving Meal Plan printable available here.

Loved this recent podcast – Hidden Brain – episode about time scarcity and taking control of your time.

And this podcast (always a fav) but this episode about why there are no pictures of us was a tear jerker.

Making these for Halloween!

And can’t wait for season 5 of this.

Loved this Northwest Mutual slogan I heard recently – “Spend your life living.”

And I heard this phrase the other day and thought yes – this is what I want time for in the new year – “Sit and delight in each other’s company.”

What’s been inspiring you lately?



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