End of the Year Reflection and Review

End of the Year ReflectionHappy (almost) New Year!

We’re in the last stretch of what felt like a very BIG and very LONG year – for so many reasons. So yes, I’m chilling the champagne for New Year’s eve to toast to surviving another nutty year but I'm embarking on #dryjanuary January 1st. (Here’s our New 30 day No Alcohol Challenge here).

I’m always so excited for the fresh start of the new year – new adventures, new memories & renewed commitments to living OUR best lives.

But before I do that I like to reflect on the current year – on all the good & the misses. On the best memories and simple times. So here’s a free Top 10 of 2021 download for you to fill out – we like to do this together as a family on New Year’s Eve.

Some things I like to reflect on –

What did work?

What didn’t work?

What did I learn in 2021?

What were the highlights & some of our favorite memories as a family?

What do we want the New Year to look like?

What is most important to me in 2022?

What do we want more of and less of in the New Year?

What behaviors or habits do I want to leave behind in 2021?

I’m still working on finishing setting up my planner for the year but some of my big goals are –

1) Choose JOY (especially when things aren’t going “right”) & CELEBRATE Big (we’ve got a few big milestones this year – our daughters high school graduation, my husbands 50th, my dad’s 75th and our 20th wedding anniversary). Specifically I will practice joy seeking, play more and plan for some fun, family celebrations.

2) Low Buy Year – only buying things we NEED and that we will use a lot and that are from small businesses, using environmentally friendly materials and packaging (as much as possible). Seriously, stop buying shit we don’t need. Specifically, I will track savings and transfer to retirement accounts each month.

3) Massive decluttering – we are looking to rent out or sell our house within the next few years and move into a smaller house (let the downsizing commence). We want less to take care of and want to simplify our lives big time. See #2 above. Specifically we will track amount of items donated/sold and begin planning for this next stage and work on some house projects getting ready to sell or rent it down the road.

I’ve got additional mini-goals around volunteering in our community; family adventures; etc. but these are my “main areas of focus” for the new year.

Remember – Big life changes don’t happen overnight – sometimes they are decades in the making. Put in the effort. Have patience & grace with yourself. You’ll be surprised with what can happen with consistency & commitment.

What are your big goals for the upcoming year?







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