A Summer Sabbatical of Sorts

Picture of June vision board in Commit30 Planner

I’m doing it. I’m taking a chunk of the summer (June & July) OFF of social media & my phone tethered to me. I’m deleting IG, Facebook, Apple News & Slack from my phone and having employees respond to previously scheduled posts, comments, etc. (And our staff can take off as much time as they want to this summer too). I’m super inspired by others that are stepping away from social media this summer like Brene Brown and Emily McDowell. I want to remember that I can experience joy without documenting it and that I can have a successful small business without being tethered to whatever the heck the metaverse is and wants to be. I mean I have 4,533 posts on instagram!!! WHAT??!?! How is that even possible and why do I continually feel the need to make more? I can’t believe there is a topic under the sun that I haven’t covered or expressed my option about.

I’m also trying to take time off from WORK AND HUSTLING AND PRODUCING AND SELLING AND WORRYING AND….all the things. The past few years have been a lot and they have done some damage (not going to lie) to my mental and physical health. I’m using this as a re-set and am hoping for some clarity on how to move forward with our small business and hopefully get some creative juices flowing again. I’m also using this time to pour into my family – our daughter heads off to college this fall and I just want to savor the time we have left as a family of four. So we will be doing lots of hiking, paddle boarding, camping, adventuring. Lots of laying in the hammocks with good books and watching movies together. And less scrolling. Less consuming.

Happy summering friends. Make it a good one.



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