30-day No Spend Month

Here’s my end of the month spending hiatus wrap up! It went pretty good (not perfect) but our grocery spending went down over 50%. I worked hard to use up a lot of stuff on hand AND meal planned religiously. So that was a big win. We only ate out twice (once with a gift card and once for dinner with friends) which was also huge for us. There were a few misc expenses that slipped thru (but I sold some stuff on eBay to make up for those purchases).

Some of the misc stuff that wasn’t planned but happened this month:
School flash cards that my daughter needed (via Amazon) $14 📚
A few theater/costume items needed (thrift store & Walgreens) – $42 🎭
Sled from the thrift store – $10 (if y’all could see the snow we had you would buy a sled for some joy too). 😉
Crossfit class (I didn’t realize I was out of punches & had to pay cash-drop in fee – oops) – $20
We also had some spring break costs this month but those were all paid for ahead of time & cash budgeted. 💵
Oh and I bought myself an early bday gift that was on super sale at tjmaxx. A nylon black Marc Jacobs crossbody bag that fits my Commit30 planner. $300 on sale for $69! What? I’m sorry but that got purchased and gifted to me early. (Thanks Sarah for this find!)

I think this was so good to do – the kids were on board and even if there was something they wanted to buy with their own $ they said – better wait until after no spend month. I think I’m going to try to keep this mindful spending going & sticking to our food budget…but first I think I might need to snag these adorable orange shoes. 😉

How’d you do?



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