Vision Board Tips

To create a vision board, grab some magazines & pictures, scissors, a poster board (you choose the size!) or your planner and some glue (glue sticks are best for vision boards). I like to put my vision. board in the front of my planner where I can see it everyday. Turn on some music you love, light a candle, make sure you have limited distractions. This is your time and it’s important you have a sense of peace within this time, to focus wholeheartedly on your vision for the year ahead.

You make a vision board by simply cutting out pictures of places, things, experiences, types of adventure you want to have – think people, activities and places that bring you joy and inspiration. Make sure your vision board has images or words that represent your core values.

But don’t forget…every vision board needs an action plan.

Your goals are simply stepping stones towards your vision for yourself, your family & your life. Your goals must be aligned with your vision, otherwise they won’t serve a real purpose. Every goal you set & achieve should move you a step closer to your ultimate vision of your happiest, healthiest life.

I do 3 specific things to bring my vision of my ideal year to life:

  1. I make my goals specific & put them in my planner and in front of me where I see them everyday.
  2. I work towards at least one of them everyday – even if its just for 30 minutes. I work my action plan & action steps daily – I review, adjust, re-commit and every day I remind myself that I am the only one who has the power to make changes in my life.
  3. I practice mindfulness & gratitude daily. I’m grateful for what I have, while working for what I want.


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