The Power of a 30-day Challenge

One way to not only boost your motivation & form new daily habits is take on a 30-day challenge. I love 30 days of consistent effort towards my goals or creating new positive daily habits. Studies say it takes 21-30 days to break old habits and create new ones. A 30-day challenge allows you to build healthy habits that stick with you for the remainder of the year. We offer up a free group 30-day challenge each month (subscribe to our newsletter to get monthly details) and we also have all of our 30-day challenges available here.

Ideas for 30 day challenges include: 30 days of decluttering, 30 days of social media/digital detox; 30 days of no soda or no alcohol; 30 days of yoga/meditation in the morning; 30 days of journaling; etc. Here’s a link to our free 30-day challenges on our website.



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