Summer Reset


I don’t know about you guys, but the month of May kicked my butt. Between all of the school things (WHY, OH WHY must all things be in May – performances, field trips, field days, teacher appreciation week, graduations, presentations, etc.?) I literally felt like it was a full time job just attending the school activities. In addition, we started renovating our warehouse space and by we I mean my husband and I because the contractor we paid skipped town. And contractors (a different one thank goodness) started on a house construction project so it’s a wreck around here. I felt like things were literally & figuratively falling apart all month long. I still managed to do 26/30 days for our Commit30 Fitness Challenge (the only thing that kept me partially sane) but that was so off-set by all of the meals we ate out or on the road during the month. So, for June, I’m committing to another round of Whole30. It’s time friends. To detox my body; fuel it with ONLY healthy food and cut out the evening cocktails (that have became more of a survival tool than a treat of late). The positive mood benefits & solid sleep I’ve always experienced during a Whole30 will be a welcome respite from my negative attitude of late. 😉 Anyone in with me? (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Whole30 – I highly recommend reading the books and the info on their website but in a nutshell its no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol for 30 days). Fun. 😉

But because June is busy too and my house is a bit of a wreck and our kitchen is going to be without gas next week meaning no stove/oven, I’m going to keep it super simple. No fancy meals here. My crockpot & the BBQ grill will be used a lot. I’m also going to re-commit to drinking a huge glass of water each morning BEFORE coffee…and get back on the morning meditation bandwagon. Summer reset here I come. Anyone want to join me?




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