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A quick background about moi for all of our new followers! I’m Jenny & the founder and chief goal officer of Commit30! I’m a mom of two amazing children and a wife to the best guy I know who’s the co-founder & CEO of Commit30 – he gave up his successful event production company to come work with me (so far, so good). 😉We live in a sweet little mountain 🏔 town in Colorado but I grew up back east in upstate NY. I’m an ovarian cancer survivor and while that was the scariest experience of my life it also put us on a path of entrepreneurship and being committed to our dreams & goals now…not someday. We all get in the habit of feeling like we have more time…we say that we have time to do that thing or take that trip down the road. We have time to change our careers and chase our dreams later. We’ll take that trip when we retire. But here’s the thing friends, we don’t always have a later. We are 💯 committed to making things happen now. An example of this is how we took the trip of our lives this past year. Like the #1 item on our bucket list – New Zealand & Australia. ✅ Everyone kept saying we couldn’t take the kids out of school for a month, that our business would suffer if we stopped hustling for a month, that we should be saving that money for retirement, college funds, etc. We went anyway. We took the kids to New Zealand, Australia & Tahiti for a month long adventure. And it was absolutely amazing. And we have zero regrets about taking this mini sabbatical now & not waiting until we are retired and 65. We set a goal and saved up our miles & money (for over 3 years) and made it happen. That’s what we are all about here at @commit30. We want to help people get to work now on creating a life they love & to stop wishing & start doing. Tell me: 🌎 What’s the #1 place on your bucket list to visit? ⤵️



Laura Braughton @ Wed, Mar 06, 24

My #1 would have to be Korea 🇰🇷. I’ve wanted to go there since the 3rd grade. I thought I had my chance when husband got stationed there. I was so ready to pack up the kids and we PCS there but my daughter had therapy needs that couldn’t be met there so it didn’t happen. Now we are out of the military. So who knows if/when we will get the chance. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. I am just being patient and waiting for my stars ✨ to align.

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