New Year Kitchen Reboot

New Year Kitchen Reboot
  1. Start with cleaning out your cabinets. If you don’t use it, get rid of it (small appliances, old plastic Tupperware, mis-matched dishes, chipped mugs, etc). Items in good condition donate to a local thrift store. Make sure to dispose of other items properly and safely. Wipe down inside & outside of kitchen cabinets.
  2. Clean out the fridge and freezer. Get rid of expired and unhealthy choices after the holiday.
  3. Organize your spice cabinet – get rid of old spices. If you can store them in clearly labeled jars. Link to my spice jars.
  4. Organize your storage containers. Aim to switch to glass as much as possible. Repurpose glass jars as much as possible.
  5. Clean out under the sink and organize your cleaning products. Try to switch to natural (chemical-free) cleaning products and reusable paper towels, etc.
  6. Make a list of what you are low on (spices, pantry staples, etc) so you can restock after the holidays.
  7. Clean off the counters. Find a place for all items. If you need a catch all use something you already own (a vintage box or a basket) in the corner. Make a vow to keep kitchen counters and work spaces clean, free of clutter, and clear of appliances or tools.
  8. Make space for a kitchen altar – a place for a candle (again soy based, chemical free are best) or some pictures or flowers. Making your kitchen visually appealing (I’m not talking about brand new appliances) just a decluttered, cheerful space will help you make good, healthy choices.


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