Minecraft Birthday Shenanigans!


Okay, first of all I don’t often think I’m a genius but this time I am. 🙂 Now, please note this only works if you are a stay at home parent or work from home or take an afternoon off…This year for my son’s bday we were trying to find a weekend in September when we were a) home and b) didn’t have a million other things going on (soccer games, other bday parties, etc.) We couldn’t find any days that didn’t have conflicts or where one of us weren’t going to be here so we decided to have Henry’s friends party on his actual birthday afterschool. We are calling it a playdate so hopefully no one else feels left out and for all of Henry’s friends parents who work & juggle afterschool care this was a win-win. I’m picking up the boys afterschool and they are picking them up from our house afterwork. It solved one day of the afterschool juggle and we don’t have to try to pack anything else into already full weekends. Score.

So onto the party itself….

There are so many great resources that I found online for some ideas (food & activities). Here are links to some of them; there are more in my pinterest feed and some pics from the party.

Minecraft snack table

Zombie water balloon fight





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