Mid-Year Goal Check-in Tips

Picture of My Commit30 Planner July Vision Board

It’s time for our mid-year review so grab your planners & pens and let’s get to work! If you have a Commit30 Planner use a few pages in the back for a mid-year review or in the notes page before the July month.

Step 1 – Vision Review

Where do you see yourself at year-end? Is your vision for your life the same as it was in January or has it changed? What will it take for you to reach that vision of your life?

Step 2 – Goal Progress Review

It’s important to pause and reflect on what we’ve done and learned and what we have survived this year. Ask yourself – are the delays in my progress justifiable because of everything going on in the world or am I making excuses? Check in on where you are at with your big goals – financial, health & wellness, etc. Write down some things that have gone well in the past few months and write down areas that have gone off the rails and you’d like to get back on track.

Begin by looking at your vision circles and top 3 goals for the year…Look at what you’ve accomplished over the past 6 months. I like to put a little x or IP (In Progress) next to things I’ve done or are in progress. (see picture below). You might feel discouraged that you aren’t further along than you are and that’s okay but it’s important to focus on the steps you have taken and look forward to what you can build on the rest of the year.

Next, look at the goals/vision circles that you haven’t given enough time and attention to (for me that’s quality time with my hubby and self-care that has fallen off the radar lately). What areas do you need to or want to focus more on over the next 6 months? It might be time to start over in an area or to move in a different direction or to shift your focus a bit.

Step 3 – Habits & Routines Review & Adjustment

You may need to find a new method or routine to help you get where you need to be. How can you move with more purpose into the second half of the year? Did your morning routine fall off the rails once the kids began homeschooling like mine did? I’ve had to make some adjustments to my routines for sure. Did some unhealthier habits & coping mechanisms creep in the last few months? Let’s make a plan to replace those with healthier habits the next 6 months.

Step 4 – Get organized & caught up

Spend some time to get your life and work space in order. Set things up in a way that works for you, remove clutter, clean out the fridge, tidy up your house & workspace.

Step 5 – Continue organization & catch up projects.

Do one thing that has been on your to do list for awhile (eg. calling your insurance company for a revised quote or handling the overdue bill). Clean up your house, open the windows, put clean sheets on the bed & clean off your yoga mat. Set yourself up for success for the remainder of the year by getting organized.

Step 6 – Set up your planner for the next 6 months

Write out events, appointments, reminders, budgets, monthly challenges & more. Make a plan to work on your goals for at least 30 minutes a day everyday. Make sure your monthly, weekly and daily plans, focus & effort aligns with your year vision and big goals.

Step 7 – Get an accountability partner

Put your support system in place – get an accountability partner for the second half of the year. Share your big goals with a friend or co-worker. Someone who can check in with you daily & weekly and see how your progress is coming along.

What would happen if you came into the next 6 months fully committed to the work that matters and the results you want?

Picture of Vision Circles In progress Review


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