I like big lists & I cannot lie...

Reading: This…one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read. She recently passed away making it all the more heartbreaking. ps – If you don’t own every single one of her books you are missing out. I’ve also recently devoured The Twilight Wife & The Husbands Secret.

And Sarah Wilson’s new book. It was on the kindle store but it’s not right now? And a follow up to her book on anxiety – a list of treatments that have helped her (a must read for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety) & this article.

Buying: This new dress perfect for our Costa Rica trip & these new leggings. I’m in love.

Pinning: Summer road trip ideas & closet goals.

Doing: Unpacking from an amazing trip with the kids to Costa Rica & #the100dayproject

Sweating: It out to TAM & hiking a lot now that spring is here

Listening: To my body and learning to rest not quit. I’ve been tired lately. And practicing more yoga.

Watching: This Ted Talk – To raise brave girls, encourage adventure. And Billions. And Big Little Lies (obsessed).

Eating: Big salads – re-setting with a Whole30 this month.

Drinking: Lots of water after a few too many coconut rum cocktails on vaca. 😉

Planning: Spring house projects including trying a garden again. I don’t have a green thumb.

Dreaming: Of lazy summer days by the lake & on the river.

Brainstorming: How to clone myself.

Designing: New products! Woot, woot!

Buying: A fly fishing rod! 🙂

Donating: To Preemptive Love for their brave on the ground work in Syria.

Loving: Looking at the inside of people’s fridges almost as much as their planners. 😉



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