Kids Biz Homeschooling Project

As I’ve previously mentioned, we used part of the time at home this spring and summer (because we cancelled all of our previously scheduled trips and adventures) to help our kids launch a small business on etsy. They have obviously learned a fair amount watching us (and helping us) with our businesses the past decade but we really wanted to have them to develop an idea from the ground up. After brainstorming numerous ideas (and after experimenting with making our hand sanitizer during COVID when the local shops were out) our daughter, whose name is Samantha, came up with SAMitizer hand sanitizer on the go packs! We helped them create a logo, buy the domain name, source supplies, track expenses & income, etc. and they are in charge of the day to day shipping and customer support. Henry (our 11 year old) helps his big sister bottle up the orders. It’s been an incredible learning experience for them and Sam already has ideas for product expansion. Check out their shop here and follow along on their entrepreneurial journey on instagram here.

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