Friday Introduction...

I was told no less than four dozen times at least weeks #summitofgreatness that I need to show my face around here a bit more.🙈 I get tagged all the time to do 5 random things about me so here it goes for a Friday Introduction… 🔅

1. I’m a stage3c ovarian cancer survivor – I was diagnosed at age 23 which was pretty insane. 😷This is why I am such a goal-getter and why we prioritize travel because we just don’t know how much time we have. Life is short & precious. 🔅
2. I’mmarried to my best friend. We still really, really like each other 😉and we work really hard at putting our marriage & relationship at the top of our list. ❤️ 🔅
3. We just bought a Sprinter van. It’s been a dream of my husbands to travel around the US in one and visit all of the national parks and someday live in a van down by the river. 🤣 In the meantime it will also be used to take packages of Commit30 planners 📦 to the post office. 😉 🔅
4. I love sleep & I am a super fussy sleeper – white noise, good sheets, memory foam pillow, earplugs, essential oils, etc. I don’t mess around. 😴 🔅
5. Last but certainly not least… We adopted our 2 amazing kids and have wonderful open adoptions with the birth families that we see each year. We feel so darn lucky & grateful everyday that we were chosen to raise them. 🙏 And we are blessed to have so many people in our children’s lives that love them. 💕 xo, jenny



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