February Goals & No Spend Month


I’m the worst blogger but sometimes I feel like I have too much to say for an IG post.

A few things on my mind as we kick off the new month…

My January Whole30 challenge was awesome…even though I only made it to day 29. :/ Ski vacation cocktails thwarted my efforts. But it’s always such a great RE-SET for my mind & body. Finding other ways to unwind after a long day than having a glass of wine; resisting all things sugar and fueling my body with healthy, nourishing food. 29 days and am down 6 lbs and clothes are looser. Skin is clear. Sleep is good. I was even going to gear up for round 2 in February but there’s the SUPERBOWL and that ain’t happening without some nachos & beer. 🙂


This month I am committing to a No Spend Month/Contentment Challenge/Simplifying Vibe. We have so much stuff. Too much stuff. I really want to get back into the habit of NOT buying things and using what we have. So I’m purging and simplifying and giving and selling…again. I feel like I do this like once a year when I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

She has inspired me on her minimalist journey – she has ONE workout outfit. ONE. A pair of green running shorts, a sports bra that doubles as a bathing suit and a gray tank. ONE workout outfit. I have like 10+ pairs of black leggings alone. I have like EIGHT sports bras. For one pair of boobs. Oy. ps – her no sugar challenge rocks. and her cookbooks are amazing.

She has inspired me on her organization & purging all things journey of late & her handwriting/list-making is amazing & I tried to make a cool looking list like her. 😉

This is going to be Henry’s classroom Valentine’s Day craft project that I’m coordinating. Love rocks. Each child will make a few to take home and a few to pass out to strangers/classmates/teachers/etc. Speaking of Valentine’s Day check out my pinterest board for healthy valentine’s day snacks!



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