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Picture of planner and spring flowers

Here’s what I’ve been up to and some of my favorite things.

Trying to survive May. Why oh why are there end of the year performances, field trips, field days, teacher appreciation events (much deserved), unit math tests, school camping trips, presentations of learning, senior award nights, school talent shows, graduation celebrations, etc. ALL this month? I’m tired, you are probably tired and the teachers must be beyond exhausted. Anyway, onward & upward we go.

I’ve been thinking about a summer social media sabbatical (inspired by Brene Brown taking one). And as always worried about what we did to kids giving them smartphones & access to social media (for the record my kids didn’t/won’t have social media until 9th grade). That probably still is too soon.

Trying to plan summer camping adventures away from the crowds but apparently I needed to book campsites in January. Oy.

Purging, organizing, selling, donating OUR STUFF. It’s never ending. We have camping stuff, rafting stuff, skiing stuff, biking stuff, backpacking stuff, kayaking stuff, cross country skiing stuff, etc. Not to mention our past life stuff of bins full of natural resource & conservation education programs and projects and event production equipment. Oy. I seriously might do a NO BUY YEAR next year. That might be my one big goal.

Shipping 2023 Planners out the door as fast as we can! Love this year’s cover – The Future is Bright! Our Launch special is still going on!

Planning graduation celebrations for our daughter which is such a bittersweet process for any of you who have been through this. So many feelings of excitement about the future ahead and anxiety and worry AND a feeling of time having just sped by way too fast. Basically lots of EMOTIONS over at our house lately.

Listening to this.

Reading this and this. (Please try to buy books from your local bookstore).

Just saw this amazing show and it is a MUST SEE (favorite Broadway show ever).

Hang in there friends! It’s almost summer break! 🙂



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