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Hi friends! I once read that it takes ten years to achieve overnight success. In our case it was more like 20 and there was nothing overnight about it. 🤣 I think entrepreneurship can be highly romanticized. If you aren’t willing to give up your weekends to gear up for launch, if you aren’t willing to work sometimes seven days a week to get your product in your customers hands than it might not be right for you. Just my take.

A few years ago we reached the point in our entrepreneurial journey where we closed up shop at our other endeavors to focus solely on Commit30 (which is nerve racking in its own right – we’ve always had multiple streams of income). And we’re trying to figure out if/how/should we scale this business. Should we expand distribution, start wholesaling, get a larger warehouse, double the product line? Perhaps. All of the business coaches I’ve worked with say yes. But the thought of all of that makes me want to crumple under the weight of it. For the time being, we’ve decided that we’d rather make sure we have time, precious time with our children; to focus on providing solid products to our new & loyal customers; grow the digital tools available to help you get the most of our products & live your best, healthiest lives; and continue to make time for what matters most to us. This is what feels right to us.

We are also always learning & re-learning that boundaries & self-care are necessary to our success. Whether it’s 5 minutes of meditation in the morning or allowing ourselves a Sunday to sit on the coach and watch football with our family – it’s imperative to press pause. As small business owners, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. And while it’s our choice to be entrepreneurs, a very intense & deliberate choice, I have to constantly remind my Type A/enneagram 2/3 self that while those qualities help me thrive as an entrepreneur, I need to take care of myself first. Healthy businesses begin with healthy business owners. 🙌 So that’s what I need to personally work on.

It is also super imperative that when things start feeling or getting overwhelming at work we always come back to our why. Why we are doing this? Why we hustle hard so we can have the time & resources to travel and so we can achieve financial freedom & retire early. Why we choose to work for ourselves is so that we can be available for our kids.

Thanks as always for being part of our journey & I hope we continue to be a part of your success! xo, J & W



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