A Summer Breather...

I came across a wonderful post that was too good not to share. Pause. Prayer. I (like many of you I imagine) haven’t had a hot second to PAUSE all summer long. Go, go, go. Do, do, do. Work, work, work.Visit family. Repeat. Make memories. Repeat.

Today I chucked the rest of the summer bucket list. The camping trip before school. Not going to happen. Roller disco night. Sounds exhausting. Scratch that. Trip to hot spring pool. Too many people. Off the list. All that remains…Making homemade ice-cream. Tomorrow night it is, picking up the stuff today.

This summer has flown by with construction projects galore (expanded storage/warehouse space with delay issues due to original contractor who skipped town with our $ – who does that??!); wildfire season creating panic in our community and pre-evacuation anxiety all of June; endless correspondence with manufacturers for the upcoming product line; rides to & fro golf camp, theater camp & the skate park; trip after trip to Home Depot for construction supplies; river trips; house guests; trips to the doctor; checking on elderly neighbors; shipping & trips to the post office; weeds pulled & yards mowed; closets & garages cleaned out & purged; etc. Time hasn’t slowed because I haven’t slowed. Time hasn’t stopped because I haven’t stopped. The hammock pictured above? Not used once.

# of yoga classes attended since school let out in May – Zero

# of date nights – one (and we were too tired to do anything so we got take out & stayed home)

# of times on my mountain bike – one (lame).

# of lose my shit moments – more than I’d like

So, listen up. This weekend, find time to press pause. To spend some time resting. Because that’s what I’m going to do. It’s okay to take a day off from working towards your goals once in awhile. In fact, its more than okay. It’s necessary. We must recharge ourselves.

Eyes up. Phones down. Pause. Breathe. Rest. Recharge.



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