The Best End of Year

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It’s almost the start of Quarter4! So much going on the last few months of the year – holidays, celebrations, work, etc. Let’s work together to make this the best end of year possible!

What are you committing to do these last 90 days of the year? Who are you committing to be? Don’t make those promises lightly. If you say you’re going to go to the gym, you better get moving! If you say you’re going to revamp & send out your resume, you better open up that computer and make it a goal to send it out to 5-10 companies a day! If you say you’re going to increase your sales call volume by 10%, you better pick up the phone! You can either start off the new year in a better place or in the same place. You choose.

For Q4 I’m focused on some business goals this holiday season; some more simplifying & organizing tasks; and some wellness goals (taking care of my body & mind during our busy season) before January 1st rolls around. Follow me on instagram as I share peeks into my goal-getting days!

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