Tips for putting tabs on your Planner...

 Faux Leather Tab Installation:

Faux Leather Planner Tabs
  1. Take a moment to choose which tabs you want to use and where you are going to adhere them to your planner. The monthly tabs will take up approximately 7.5″ of space without any spacing between them. This covers most of the length of our “Compact” sized planners. Or, if installing on our “Deluxe” size planners would allow for about 1/8″ spacing between tabs.
  2. After deciding on location and spacing, lightly apply one side of the first tab to the pages edge. Don’t press too hard, this will allow you to pull it off and re-adjust if needed. Align all of the additional monthly tabs in your desired location. Once aligned fold in half so the tab adheres to itself and both sides of the page. Once you have aligned the tab to your liking you can press firmly to the secure the tab to the page and itself. (photos below)
  3. Note: Tabs can be pulled apart and off of a page, but should be done slowly to avoid tearing the paper. (sometimes a razor knife helps). Please use caution while applying.

    Ribbon Installation:

    1. Included are 2 ribbons and 2 ribbon adhesive tabs.
    2. As shown in the product photos, we recommend adhering the ribbon and tabs either to the inside front or inside back cover.
    3. Position the “Ribbon” tab so that it is centered with the crease of the planner and the ribbon underneath.
    4. leave at least 1 inch of ribbon sticking down below the tab.
    5. Press firmly to get the tab to stick securely to the paper and hold the ribbon tight.
    6. The ribbons are long enough for either the Compact or Deluxe size planners and if desired can be cut down to size.
    7. Note: Over time with repeated use the ribbon and ribbon tab may start to come loose. Simply apply some super glue to the tab, ribbon and paper to secure the ribbon tab in place and extend the life of your page marker.

    Regular Tab Application:

    1. The regular tabs are a bit easier to apply & reapply. I generally apply January – June (or the first 6 months) down the long edge of the planner on the monthly calendar page and then repeat that with July – December again repeating down the long edge of the planner. See picture below.




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