30 Day Declutter Challenge!

Join us for a 30-day Decluttering Challenge in September! Each day we’ll target a specific area of the house and on the last day of the month give our homes a good shine! Download the challenge here! Make sure to follow along on my progress and tag your progress on instagram using #commit30challenge

Some tips to keep in mind if you haven’t done something like this before (or if your current house/apartment status looks more hoarder and less Joanna Gaines. 😉

  1. I like to put a few boxes in the laundry room labeled Trash, Recycle, Donate, Sell. That way I can easily have a place to put the items I am clearing out. Once the donate box is full I drop it off at the local thrift store/salvation army. I only put items in the sell pile that I know have value (usually above $50 is my threshold) and that are easy to sell on craigslist, facebook marketplace or ebay. If you don’t have the time & energy to sell stuff than just pass it on.
  2. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy new organizing bins, baskets & supplies. Aim to use what you have on hand. Be creative. For example, I have a cool old wooden box that was in our garage in my closet for all of my boots instead of buying a new shoe rack.
  3. Practice gratitude for what you have & say thanks for what you are passing on. Let your clothes, shoes, books, kitchen supplies bless someone else.
  4. Focus on creating space, rather than filling space with more stuff as you clear out. As you create space in your home, you will find that you create space for creativity & peace to flourish.
  5. Before you recycle all of of your magazines, rip out a few pages to make your annual vision board.
  6. Don’t worry if you get behind or miss a day – just to try to make up that challenge over the weekend or on a day off! Feel free to do the challenges out of order too. We start off the challenge small so you don’t get too overwhelmed right off the bat, but if you are inspired to clean out your closet first, go for it!


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