Spring Into Self-Care!

Here are a few tips to help you Spring Into Self-Care:

Now that spring has arrived (at least in most parts of the country) I thought I’d check in with myself and see what I’m doing to enhance my overall health and well-being. I realized I was short in a few areas and thought having a list was helpful, so I wanted to share it with you.

1. Schedule Self-Care In Your Planner. For real. Whether it’s a massage, or a yoga class or a morning meditation ritual, write it down, schedule it in and make it happen. Along these same lines, look at what you can remove from your schedule.

2. Sleep. With the recent time change, have you been struggling to get to bed earlier? I know I have. Hitting the hay at 10:00 pm or sooner is best for our natural circadian body rhythms, because our deepest, most regenerative sleep occurs after 10 pm. Also, make sure you shut off electronic devices (e.g., computers, kindles, and cell phones) at least an hour or two before bedtime and ensure your room is completely dark when you go to sleep.

3. Simplify. Imagine clean, clutter-free surroundings…Feels good, doesn’t it? Having things clutter free makes us feel good on the inside. Our outside world is a reflection of our inside world after all. I went to town on our closets & drawers in February but still have more I can do to simplify our home environment and am going to spend some time spring cleaning our house (top to bottom) after spring break. Check out our free Spring Cleaning challenge here.

4. Get Outside. After being cooped up all winter, it feels good to go outdoors and soak up the sun. Go for a hike or a bike ride. Even a walk around the neighborhood with the sun shining will improve your mental state.

5. Meditate. I try to meditate for 5-10 minutes each morning. Some days this works better than others. I typically just do my own thing (breathing in light, health and breathing out stress) or breathing in love and breathing out/sending out love. I also love Insight Timer’s meditations (especially meditations from Sarah Blondin and Alex Elle).

6. Move. Move your body. Find something you love to do and bring on the sweat. Walking, yoga, you name it…it helps clear the mind and body.


If you are struggling to reach your goals this spring, try the SMART method. Sometimes the goals we set aren’t specific enough or don’t have a deadline.

SPECIFIC: Be really definitive in your language, stripping it of any fluffiness. Make each goal a short and punchy statement. Try saying, I commit to daily workouts of at least 30 minutes.

MEASURABLE: Ditch the language “pay off debt” and instead try “pay off all credit card bills ($13,000) by December 31st.

ACHIEVABLE: Your goals should be audacious and big, but also weigh up how achievable they are and adjust them where necessary.

REALISTIC: Come to terms with the fact that you may only achieve 50 per cent of your goals. If you achieve them all then you’re not aiming high enough.

TIMELY: If your goal doesn’t have a timeline on it (see “Measurable”) then it’s called a wish or a hope. Make a plan, write it down and get to work.



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