Meal Plan + Prep Tips

Try making meal planning and prepping a weekend ritual that you look forward to – as it will help set you up for success throughout the week. I love to do this on either Sunday afternoons while watching football in the background or on Monday late afternoon/evenings. I typically grocery shop on either Saturday mornings or Mondays and do a big meal prep & then Thursday do another smaller grocery run and prep session. We try to plan for 6 dinners at home and one night a week out (either date night or take out with the kids after a late night of activities). 

Meal Plan + Prep Tips

So first, map out your meal plan by looking ahead at your weekly schedule and taking inventory of what you have on hand (especially food that needs to be used up before it goes bad). Stay flexible with the schedule and keep it as simple as you can. On busy nights plan a crockpot meal for example. Check in with your meal plan each morning and make any necessary adjustments as needed based upon time or schedule shifts. And keep a few “quick and easy” meals on hand (one of my favorites is GF pesto pasta with veggies – I always have a few boxes of gluten free pasta and jars of pesto and frozen bags of organic peas, broccolis, etc. on hand).

I also try to prep a veggie egg casserole for busy mornings and have gluten free oatmeal and frozen blueberries ready to go for quick healthy breakfasts.



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