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February Goals & No Spend Month

I’m the worst blogger but sometimes I feel like I have too much to say for an IG post. A few things on my mind as we kick off the new month… This article. Oh dear. I’m tired already of emailing & calling & writing & posting & sharing and its only been one week […]


Doing: A little bit of everything – shipping, marketing, copywriting, cleaning, mom-ing and more. Sweating:  TAM! Still digging it and the #TAmily Reading:    Chasing Slow & this lovely article about establishing daily retreats. And this one about paper being the new “killer” app. 🙂 Listening:  Obsessed with this soundtrack. Watching:  This Is Us (love, […]

I Commit to Whole30

Have you heard of the revolutionary Whole30 program?  First, its not a “diet.”  Its a “I’m going to eat real food for 30 days and see how I awesome I feel” program.  I’ve completed one round of Whole30 (in which I had amazing energy; clear skin; slept like a baby and lost 8 lbs). Alas, […]