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Pens, pens, pens!

The most frequently asked question I get. 😉 What pens do I use? We print our planners & journals on high quality recycled 100gsm paper. What does that mean? GSM is an acronym standing for ‘Grams per Square Meter’. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper. Most home printer paper is 80-100gsm. Posters are usually 120-140gsm. […]

Tips for putting tabs on your Planner…

    Faux Leather Tab Installation: Take a moment to choose which tabs you want to use and where you are going to adhere them to your planner. The monthly tabs will take up approximately 7.5″ of space without any spacing between them. This covers most of the length of our “Compact” sized planners. Or, […]

Daily Meditation

  Scenes from my morning meditation practice/space. I aim to spend 5-10 minutes doing centering breath work & gratitude journaling followed up by a mini yoga practice. This 💯 percent starts my day off on the right foot…every single time. 💫 My favorite meditation mantra comes from one of my fav yoga teachers & life […]

30 Day Declutter Challenge!

Join us for a 30-day Decluttering Challenge in September! Each day we’ll target a specific area of the house and on the last day of the month give our homes a good shine! Download the challenge here!  Make sure to follow along on my progress and tag your progress on instagram using #commit30challenge Some tips […]