2023 Goal Planner Sneak Peek!

2023 Goal Planner - Blue - Sneak Peek

Commit30‘s limited edition 2023 Goal Planner cover may be my favorite yet (I know I say that every year), but this year it is a joyful pattern with the words The Future is Bright on it. And I truly believe this – The Future is BrightThese will be on sale starting May 1st!

The future has seemed a bit uncertain the past few years during our collective attempts at survival during a global pandemic and now feeling on the brink of WWIII. I don’t want to minimize the impact that the past few years have had on you or your families (I GET IT) but at the same time I’ve never felt more strongly that there is hope for brighter days ahead.

Pope Francis said, “It is best not to confuse optimism with hope. Optimism is a psychological attitude toward life. Hope goes further. It is an anchor that one hurls toward the future, it’s what lets you pull on the line and reach what you’re aiming for and head in the right direction.”

I listened to one of the best podcasts recently – a conversation between Brene Brown & Karen Walrond about finding joy in difficult times. Karen shares, “If we feel guilty about joy then the bad guys win.” Boom. Mic drop.

We are hurling our hope toward an ever-brighter future. I hope you are too.

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