This is one of my favorite things to do each year!  A vision board is a collection of pictures, words, phrases and drawings that you pull together based on your goals. You make a big collage and use it as a visual aid to motivate yourself. You can either do this on a piece of posterboard or inside the front cover of your planner!

I’ve used them to inspire myself for years! Here’s a pic of a vision board I made for my planner this year and a picture of my vision board I made about 4 years ago and so many of the things on there have happened (launching Commit30, a vacation to Kauai, vacations on the lake, mountain biking & learning how to fly fish, stand up paddling boarding adventures, family dinners & more). 


Vision boards are super fun to put together with a group of friends or your family too!

But remember, every vision board needs an action plan! It’s not enough to just glue pictures of dreams & goals you have you need to make a plan to reach those goals and work on them every single day.


(vision board page in front of Fitness Journal).


5 thoughts on “Vision Board Tips

  1. Beverly Alvarez says:

    Just got my 2021 planner and can’t wait til January! I’ve been making vision boards at the end of the year but never considered doing a mini-one every month. What a great idea!!

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