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Tips to Make the Most out of COVID-19 Time

We are all in different situations right now but I do know that a positive attitude can help make this all easier to handle. Stress is not good for our immune systems.

Here are some additional ways you can make the most of this time at home (for those of you who are home – thank you to all of the “essential” workers on the front lines – we appreciate you).

Start a side hustle – there is never a better time to have a side hustle with some extra income coming in. Even I have a side hustle while running Commit30. I’m a Beautycounter consultant (because I love their products and my clients/customers can order directly online – no parties – I can’t handle those). Let me know if you’d like more info (the enrollment kit is free this month – bonus). Plus there’s never been a better time to make the switch to safe face & body products.

Here are some other side hustle ideas:

Hire an enneagram coach – loved learning more about my type and how that knowledge can help me as a business owner, wife, mother & daughter. I highly recommend Chelsea with Enneagram Boss. LINK: 

Learn something new – take an online course. Harvard offers a ton of free ones or learn some new, applicable skills for your job (SEO marketing, photoshop, carpentry skills, etc). 

Update your resume & network (online). 

Donate your blood, your sewing skills & more.

Declutter your house.(Please note – hang on to your stuff for now as most donation centers are closed and not currently accepting drop offs). Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell stuff right now that other people may need in your community.

Get organized for homeschooling. Our new Homeschool Planner PDF is a perfect supplement to your life/work planner but focused on helping stay on top of distant learning lessons, zoom calls, homework assignments, etc. with important reminders to be of service & spread love, spend time outside, reading & making art, chores and family fun. 

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