Filming Day – AKA “Hotter than hell out and all of the neighbors decide to mow their lawn for the first time in months day.”

So I was sweating like a pig. But it was my own fault. Black is slimming on camera I’ve heard. We decided at the last minute to move the shoot outside as it was such a beautiful day.

But first let’s just talk a minute about how writing a 3-minute film script that gets to the heart of a product is not as easy as you’d think (we must have gone through about 2 dozen revisions/edits) and then recording the audio & video for said film script is even harder.  I have absolutely no idea how my 11-year old daughter memorizes lines for her plays or how professional actors/actresses & newscasters can so calmly & serenely chat with video cameras aimed in their faces. Suffice to say, I have no future in film. Someday I’ll have to get a blooper real posted because there were so many hilarious outtakes.





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