Let’s try looking at Mondays differently.

It’s not the start of a long week.  It’s not the worst day of the week.

Monday is the most important day of the week, so do it right:

  • Plan out your meals for Monday on Sunday night. Where, when, and what will you eat?  Can you prepare any of that the night before?
  • Plan out your workouts for the week, and put them in your calendar. How many sets, reps, what time, and where. GET SPECIFIC!
  • Put your alarm clock across the room.  Set it for the correct time you need to wake up, and when it goes off, GET UP. Don’t hit snooze.
  • Get to the office on time, and get through one important task before checking email or social media.
  • Whatever goal you are working on (drinking more water; eating clean; writing everyday; meditating daily…make sure you do it on Monday (even if its at 9:00pm). Never miss a Monday.

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