Some things I wanted to share that I’ve loved on the internet lately… I’ve been really trying to spend less time online (instagram scrolling, blog reading this summer…) It’s just flying by and I want to savor these summer days.

Loving the hell out of other people. Yes. And Yes. 

Morning Self-Care Rituals

Love this post about how to Produce before Consuming. 

8 things my kids don’t need this summer 

Moms of Boys Unite 

A good read about how hard it is for mom entrepreneurs  

10 organizing tricks 

A 15 minute am yoga routine I’ve been digging and a new yoga youtube channel that’s great for yoga newbies  (I’m still working on my arm balance/headstand goals this year).

Here’s How a Month of Zen Meditation Changed My Life (not my life but the authors).

These cards +  prints. Swoon. 

6 meditation apps to try now – 

F Busy!

Don’t follow your passion – And interesting video & perspective 

GRIT – my kids will tell you this is my favorite word & parenting mantra. 

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