I’m the worst blogger but sometimes I feel like I have too much to say for an IG post.

A few things on my mind as we kick off the new month…

This article. Oh dear. I’m tired already of emailing & calling & writing & posting & sharing and its only been one week of his term. But it’s important work and I will continue to make time for it and donate money to others doing important work. You may recall my word for the year was JOY. Finding joy in all things. The good things and the hard things. It’s been hard lately. Remembering to find & feel joy and practice gratitude right now feels like a practice. It feels like work. But its a profoundly important act right now. Joy & kindness.

Onto more trivial matters…

My January Whole30 challenge was awesome…even though I only made it to day 29. :/ Ski vacation cocktails thwarted my efforts. But it’s always such a great RE-SET for my mind & body. Finding other ways to unwind after a long day than having a glass of wine; resisting all things sugar and fueling my body with healthy, nourishing food. 29 days and am down 6 lbs and clothes are looser. Skin is clear. Sleep is good. I was even going to gear up for round 2 in February but there’s the SUPERBOWL and that ain’t happening without some nachos & beer. 🙂


This month I am committing to a No Spend Month/Contentment Challenge/Simplifying Vibe. We have so much stuff. Too much stuff. I really want to get back into the habit of NOT buying things and using what we have. So I’m purging and simplifying and giving and selling…again. I feel like I do this like once a year when I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. 

She has inspired me on her minimalist journey – she has ONE workout outfit. ONE. A pair of green running shorts, a sports bra that doubles as a bathing suit and a gray tank. ONE workout outfit. I have like 10+ pairs of black leggings alone. I have like EIGHT sports bras. For one pair of boobs. Oy.  ps – her no sugar challenge rocks. and her cookbooks are amazing. 

She has inspired me on her organization & purging all things journey of late & her handwriting/list-making is amazing & I tried to make a cool looking list like her. 😉

This is going to be Henry’s classroom Valentine’s Day craft project that I’m coordinating. Love rocks. Each child will make a few to take home and a few to pass out to strangers/classmates/teachers/etc. Speaking of Valentine’s Day check out my pinterest board for healthy valentine’s day snacks!

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