It’s been a bit of a rough month ’round these parts. Lots of work, lots of solo parenting, lots of hospital time and lots of late night theater shows. Will’s dad passed away recently after a brutal battle with stage4 cancer, so that has taken a big chunk of joy out of this holiday season. But we are picking up the pieces day by day and trying to end 2016 on a high note.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to:

Doing: Shipping. Just keep shipping (sung to the tune of Finding Nemo’s just keep swimming on repeat). 

Sweating: TAM method still (longer post about this coming soon for those who asked, I promise).

Reading:  Loved this post & this list of things to list. And this share & care list. And I just started into this book (I’m on the pre-launch team so I got an early copy and I LOVE IT). I haven’t loved a book this much since this. Such timely & important lessons for me in this season of “not slow.”  

Listening:  To Magic Lessons & Holiday Tunes

Watching:  Before the Flood (MUST WATCH) & Christmas movies (Elf, Home Alone & A Family Stone) & this commercial on repeat (cue the tears every time). 

Eating:  Too much takeout :/

Drinking:  Chai Tea coconut milk lattes & cowboy mules

Planning:  How to work on not in the business in 2017 by hiring more help & 2017 Goals in my planner!

Dreaming:  Of a white Christmas & lots of ski days during winter break.

Brainstorming: 2017 product line; new ideas & new adventures for the year ahead. I just need more time in the day to put it all into play! 

Designing: A new product for the shop coming soon! 

Happy Holidays friends! Stay tuned for our newsletter coming out next week with 2017 Goal & Vision setting tips!

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