So I’ve used basically every planner on the market.  Seriously.  But never found the perfect one.  It was all like the 3 little bears.  This one is too big. This one is too small.  This one is too bright.  This one is too dull.  So I decided to make my own that is just right.


I went through about 6 months of drafts/design changes/product testing. I sent layouts to friends & family for feedback – what worked, what didn’t – how were they using the boxes – what they thought of various sizes, etc.

Then once we had an almost finished product I sent it off to get some samples made for filming & photographing.  At this point I was COMMITTED.  Whether I wanted to be or not.  😉 I joked that if we didn’t sell enough planners to make the kickstarter a GO, I and 6 of my closest friends would be using the world’s most expensive planners in 2016 as the start up costs divided by 6 planners equaled out to an astounding $ amount per planner.






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