A few of my favorite things… May, 2020

My Favorite things - health


A few of my favorite things…

This workout. A perfect (for me) combination of breath work, movement (cardio, yoga & pilates mix) and dance. I smile the whole time & have even cried.

This article. There’s never been a better time to take care of yourself. 

And this.

This genius veggie washing/dish drying rack. 

This granola recipe.  

This citrus mimosa hand soap & hand cream pump (keep washing your hands people)! 

(ps. I talk about beautycounter because I love what they stand for (clean, safe beauty products ethically sourced) and I think there is never a better time for everyone to have a side gig or two – reach out if you want more info).

This spicy margarita recipe via @housetweaking – Joe Cuervo White Peach Margarita Mix with a TBS of Hidden Pond Farms Tumeric & Honey Super Tonic

Jimmy Fallons (at home with his family) show is giving me life. 

Drinking all the water with my bottled JOY water bottle. And all of the carrot, orange, ginger & tumeric juice. I’ll take all of the Vitamin C. Here’s my favorite immune boosting daily vitamin.

Our Spring Sale! A perfect time to stock up!

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