7 DAYS LEFT & Over 770 Backers!

Holy cow! The response to the Commit30 planner has been great and we’ve been working round the clock the last few weeks to promote the kickstarter campaign; do customer service things and finalize production plans with our printing & fulfillment company. Whew. Come December this Mama is going down for a long winters nap. 😉

A few things.

1) Less than a week left on the Kickstarter Campaign!  Pre-order and save up to 50% off —— > http://bit.ly/commit30
While we are hoping to have extras available to sell on the website this winter we can’t guarantee it depending upon final kickstarter #’s. So if you want one, get it while its hot.

2) If you want to learn a little bit more about how Commit30 came about you can listen to this radio interview I did recently. http://www.redscarfshots.com/podcasts-fcaf/

3) Be sure to check out instagram account & #commit30 for some peeks into other users Commit30 planners & some behind the scenes action.   http://www.instagram.com/commit30

4) Last but certainly not least, thank you. Seriously. Thank you for all of your support, encouraging comments, high fives & hugs. We are onto something great here!

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